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Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinding

Blanchard rotary surface grinding features large stock removal rates on flat surfaces. Ferrous materials are held on a magnetic chuck while the opposite surface is ground - one side is ground at a time. Non-ferrous materials can also be ground, but require special work holding arrangements - we call it magic.

The Blanchard will leave its trademark cross-hatched surface finish pattern, typically within a 32 - 125 RMS range, though higher finishes are possible.
  • Long or short runs.
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metals, annealed or hardened up to 62 RC.
  • Flat, parallel, square and uniformity tolerances within 0.001" - 0.003" depending on size.
  • Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.002".

Surface Grinding

High Precision Horizontal Surface Grinding

High precision, horizontal reciprocating surface grinders are used to achieve flat, parallel and square surfaces on critical components. Machines are equipped with magnetic tables to hold ferrous parts, while special work-holding arrangements are required for non-ferrous parts. Component/part size can be controlled incrementally in ten-thousandths of inches.

Surface grinders will leave a smooth, linear surface finish, typically within a 16 - 32 RMS.
  • Flat, parallel, square and uniformity tolerances less than 0.001"
  • Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.0005"
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metals, up to 62 RC
  • Ceramic grain, borazon and diamond wheels available

Double-Disk/Flat Honing of Components and Parts A1

Hyprolapping/Flat Honing of Components and Parts

Flat Honing is a type of double sided "fine grinding" where two opposed grinding wheels are used to remove stock from both faces of a flat part at the same time. Component/parts are held between the two wheels with carrier fixtures throughout the grinding cycle. Our Norton Hyprolaps are the method of choice on small, non-ferrous parts.

Hyprolapping will deliver a high, random-pattern surface finish, typically in the 8 - 16 RMS range on most materials.

  • Long or short runs.
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metals, annealed or hardened to 62 RC.
  • Flat and parallel results typically within 0.0002".
  • Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.001".
  • Surface finishes of 5 RMS can be achieved ...

Waterjet Cutting 2

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting is a method of cutting shapes from any type of material using high pressure water and abrasive. Water is pressurized to 50,000 PSI using hydraulic intensification, and then forced through a small orifice in the cutting head. At the head, abrasive is added to the water, creating a cutting stream which exits the nozzle at 1.5 times the speed of sound. Through a combination of micro-erosion grinding and shearing action of the pressure, a narrow cross section of material is removed all the way through the thickness. The process is then controlled via computer. Any two dimensional shape from nearly any material is possible.

The resulting surface finish on the cut surfaces is far superior when compared to laser ...

High Precision Blanking Service

High Precision Machine Ready Blanking Services

High precision blanking is the process of creating a “machine-ready” batch of parts completed to the overall finished dimensions of a critical component. Material is ground flat, parallel, square and uniform, on 2, 4 or 6 sides, within exacting specifications. If necessary, tolerances of +/-.0005" can be held on the thickness, width and length. Our customers then produce their finished parts in a subsequent machining operation from the blanks we provide.

Our method ensures virtually identical blanks across an entire batch of parts. We process many blanks in a single machine loading, which is frequently much more cost effective than qualifying six sides on your CNC machine one piece at a time. As a result, the finish ...

Molybdenum Rack

Non-Ferrous and Refractory Metals, including Molybdenum and Tungsten

At Euclid Precision Grinding Co., Inc. we use abrasives to shape specialty metals into essential components used in the semi-conductor, aerospace, medical and machine tool industries. In particular, our expertise with refractory metals like Molybdenum and Tungsten is well regarded internationally.

Fabrication Services from Euclid Precision Grinding Inc. Include:

Water Jet Cutting
Flat Honing
Precision Blanking Service

Industries Served Include:

General Manufacturing
High Temperature
Furnace Components
Machine Rebuilders